Economic Opportunity

WDN works to promote a more balanced and fair economy that ensures that all families can prosper and thrive.

At our annual WDN on the Hill event, WDN members have advocated for women’s economic security for the last four years. Advocates at the National Partnership for Women and Families have shared tips and strategies for talking with policymakers, updated us on the status of women’s economic security efforts, and highlighted places where our voices are most needed. WDN members have fanned out across Capitol Hill to have hundreds of conversations with policymakers about the importance of issues like paid family medical leave.

MakeItWorkWDN was a founding partner of the Make It Work campaign. The campaign is developing and advancing new narratives about women and work, fighting to win on state-level policy campaigns on critical issues like minimum wage, paid sick leave, and paycheck fairness. The campaign is also building and elevating the leadership of low-income women and women of color, so that their experiences and perspectives are central in advancing policy and culture change. The campaign is led by Vivien Labaton, Tracy Sturdivant, Alicia Jay, and MacArthur Genius Award winner Ai-jen Poo. The WDN publication, Expand the Base: A Grantmaker’s Guide to Gender Justice and Civic Engagement, highlights a successful statewide network in Minnesota supported by the Make It Work campaign.

WDN is also a member of the Tax Alliance for Economic Mobility, a broad-based national coalition of civil rights and women’s organizations, funder networks, and asset-building and tax reform experts. The coalition is working to advance inclusive, progressive, and equitable tax policies. So many of the things that progressives care about — clean air and water, strong education, accessible and high quality health care, and other key services and supports — depend on adequate tax revenues. Our current tax system subsidies inequality. We need to turn our upside-down tax system right-side up.

WDN’s Pitch Forum brings together committed donors with organizations unleashing WDN Pitch Foruminnovative strategies to address crucial and emerging social justice issues. In the Fall of 2014, we hosted our first Pitch Forum and highlighted five dynamic organizations working to combat economic inequality in the Bay Area.

In the Bay Area, economic inequality has become a serious crisis. While the tech sector has driven much economic growth, that growth has contributed to skyrocketing housing costs, unbridled gentrification and displacement, and has undermined the economic well-being of the working poor and middle class. Ensuring that a booming Bay Area economy benefits everyone requires a fundamental shift across a spectrum of issues, including economic development, workplace wages and conditions, child care, education, voter mobilization and organizing, and more.