Major Programs

WDN provides a range of opportunities for our members to be inspired and connected, gain important tools and frameworks, and leverage our resources and access. In addition to our donor circles and strategic initiatives, our major programs are network-wide opportunities to come together as a community and connect across issues. To read more program stories, click here.

Urvashi Vaid presents to the WDN community.ANNUAL CONFERENCE

Each year WDN hosts a conference that brings members together to connect with one another and learn with cutting-edge leaders in the progressive movement. We share and discuss key trends and new opportunities as we gain insights that help us more effectively support the progressive movement though both funding and advocacy.


In this annual program, WDN members participate in interactive training to learn best practices of advocacy and lobbying, and then meet with Members of Congress and other high-level policymakers. Members have lobbied on immigration reform, women’s economic security, international women’s issues, health care access, and climate justice.

racialjustice-regionalREGIONAL MEETINGS

WDN members live in 34 different states across the country, and are concentrated in about 10 regions. Each year, WDN members in these regions meet at least 2-4 times a year to connect with one another about their lives and their philanthropy, as well as learn and engage with leaders in the field. For upcoming regional meetings in your area, visit our events page.


WDN publishes reports and guidebooks featuring best practices and case studies focused on giving donors a range of tools and frameworks to inform their giving and investing strategies. These resources are designed to empower donors to grow as philanthropists and activists.




For a complete list of our upcoming programs, please visit our events page.