Who We Are

We are a community of women philanthropists with shared values, supported by an involved Board of Directors and a dynamic staff team, dedicated to sounding the call for change.


Kimberly C. Oxholm

Chair of the Board

Jessica Ozberker

Vice Chair of the Board

Jamie McMahon

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Donna P. Hall

President & CEO
I believe progressive women working together can ensure that all individuals can live full and productive lives.

Jenifer Fernandez Ancona

Vice President, Strategy & Member Engagement
I believe that all people, everywhere, should have true freedom to pursue their happiness.

Kathleen Andreson

Member Relations & Events Manager
I believe in the transformative possibilities that WDN envisions and inspires.

Orchid Bakla

Executive Assistant / Administrator
I believe in the collective power of all self-identified women and thank WDN for being at the forefront of inclusive community.

Angela Bottum

Chief Operating Officer
I believe real change at the center grows out of visionary and vigorous demands at the margins.

Shanthi Gonzales

Membership Coordinator
I believe that the labor movement is a key partner in our work to create a more socially just society.

Ginger Hintz

Program Manager
I believe knowledge is power. I seek multiple perspectives and critically examine assumptions.

Laurel Potter Huerta

Project Director, Programs & Administration
I believe in the transformative power of community.


Brenda Choresi Carter

Reflective Democracy Campaign Director


Maya Barba

Communications Intern, Fall 2015