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Nation Inside

A community of reformers dedicated to fixing the nation’s broken criminal justice system

Nation Inside is community of people dedicated to changing the nation’s criminal justice system by sparking public dialogue about criminal justice, educating policy makers, and developing strategies for safer and healthier communities. Through policy advocacy and storytelling, Nation Inside campaigns have led to numerous legislative victories, while at the same time promoting empathy and compassion by sharing the experiences of the men and women trapped in the system.

With a goal of starting more than 30 state-based reform campaigns, Nation Inside has spurred action from people across the political spectrum and from all different walks of life.

One piece of the group’s recent efforts in Washington DC, called the Campaign for Prison Phone Justice, focused on the shockingly high phone rates that impact inmates and their families. Pablo Tapia, the father of an incarcerated man, described two 10-minute phone calls that cost his family $60 as robbery. Nation Inside points to studies that show inmates who stay connected to their loved ones throughout their detention are less likely to recidivate, and are able to transition back into communities much more easily.

Another campaign, Birthing Behind Bars, tells the stories of women and what happens to their reproductive rights while incarcerated. After winning the right for women in New York to be unshackled during labor, the group has taken their fight to the national level to advocate for women across the country.

WDN’s Criminal (In)Justice Circle is passionate in its support of Nation Inside, not only because it takes a fresh approach to addressing the issues plaguing the criminal justice system, but also because it keeps the experience of women, people of color, and immigrant communities central to discussions of reform.