Partner Profiles

Participants in the National Women's Editorial Forum "Ready for Prime Time" media training, which American Forum hosted in March 2009.

American Forum

American Forum was founded to encourage more citizen debate on important social issues.  WDN has partnered with American Forum to amplifythe voice of women by empowering women to actively engage in, transform, and democratize the media landscape. American Forum was the recipient of WDN’s second $1-million Action Fund grant, which supported the National Women’s Editorial Forum (NWEF) to create:

  1. A national media advocacy campaign to monitor women’s contributions to op-ed pages, editorial boards and in the broadcast media.
  2. An ongoing media skills training and curriculum.
  3. A fellowship program for women in journalism schools.
  4. An advisory working group that helps to inform NWEF’s activities.

This partnership has led to:

  • 600 women attending NWEF trainings.
  • Generation of more than 7,000 newspaper clips across the country.
  • An increase of more than 200% in the number of op-eds produced by women annually.
  • A very successful relationship with Spanish language media, leading to a 90% run rate for pieces provided by NWEF.
  • The enrollment of 1,000 women authors in The Source, on online database media outlets can use to find commentary on key issues.

NWEF also reached out to new online media sources and trained participants to reach out to these new media outlets.

WDN is especially proud that this project provided training and technical assistance that has helped bring a diversity of women’s voices – many of them authors for the first time – and their perspectives into the policy debate on critical issues of the day.