Values Based Investing

Women as active investors – shifting the economy, re-shaping market systems – confidently, competently, connected – that’s powerful.Suzanne Biegel, WDN Member

Our Vision

The Values Based Investing Circle is focused on educating and activating WDN members to use our investment portfolios and roles as influencers of investment capital, to achieve our aspirations for social change and leverage our power as shareholders, trustees, and Board directors.

Our Current Focus

We work to empower WDN members to align their investments and their philanthropic strategies with their values. Our activities include the following:

  • Hosting webinars on shareholder engagement, impact investing, divestment, and our relationship to money
  • Collaborating with other WDN donor circles to bring in the perspective of using investment as a tool alongside philanthropy and activism
  • Sharing member stories and leveraging our members’  expertise to educate the WDN community on investment strategies with an intersectional approach

The Circle also has been involved in producing a new series of publications that are helping to guide WDN members and other donors in values-based investing and shareholder activism. You can download our Community Banking Guide and Proxy Preview Guide here.

Our Story

Our work has been particularly important in the wake of the fiscal crises of the past few years.

We have organized several successful programs on the topic of values-based investing and shareholder engagement, the first of which took place in New Orleans in 2008 and focused on “Values Based Investing 101.” We have also partnered with the Earth Circle on a number of programs examining what we, as women investors, can do to re-evaluate and amend our portfolios with a climate justice lens in our socially responsible investing. In 2012, the Circle sponsored the Savvy Investor session at our annual conference.

We have focused on investing with a gender lens, provided resources to our members on community banking, developed a Proxy Voting Guide with our partners at As You Sow, and explored the transfer and impact of intergenerational wealth in partnership with Resource Generation. We organized a pre-conference in 2015 to educate our members about the movement to divest from fossil fuels, in collaboration with the Earth Circle. The program also looked at what a just transition would look like by centering community-led reinvestment strategies.

Our Partners

As You Sow
Confluence Philanthropy
Investor Environmental Health Network
Investors’ Circle and Toniic
Rachel’s Network
Rainforest Action Network
Responsible Endowments Coalition
Women Moving Millions