Reproductive Health

Reproductive health is a social justice issue: women cannot reach full equality if they do not have control over their own fertility.Wendy C. Wolf, WDN member

Our Vision

The Reproductive Health Circle exists to reshape the national conversation on reproductive health, as well as broader issues around women’s health. Our work has two major goals:

  • To expand the national reproductive health dialogue through values-based messaging, without compromising support for abortion rights.
  • To organize and mobilize support for reproductive health and justice issues.

UltraViolet takes a stand in front of the U.S. Supreme Court

Our Current Focus

Our focus is on grassroots organizing efforts led by those most impacted by a lack of reproductive health access, as well as strategically supporting emerging leaders in the field.

The Circle has an ongoing commitment to support “megaphone strategies” that reach large numbers of women with messages about reproductive health and women’s empowerment, taking advantage of new social media tools and organizing for long-term engagement.

Our Story

In 2005, WDN’s Reproductive Health Circle partnered with the Communications Consortium Media Center (CCMC) to launch Moving Forward – a multi-year, multi-million dollar research and strategic communications project. Seventy-six WDN donors have supported this work, raising about $1 million that has leveraged over $2 million from partner foundations.

Moving Forward began with a multi-faceted research project to create a set of frames and messages that were found to be most effective in changing the tone of conversations around reproductive health and other health issues, without compromising support for abortion rights. As advocacy for reproductive and other health issues have evolved, the Moving Forward project successfully worked in different campaigns pushing for women’s access to a full range of health care. To learn more about the Moving Forward project, please read the case study on Reframing the Reproductive Rights Dialogue.

WDN’s Reproductive Health Circle was UltraViolet’s first funder, helping to catalyze the online organizing community that is now over half a million members nationwide. WDN’s ability to be nimble and provide early support was critical to their success, and UltraViolet’s work in reproductive health and justice, women’s economic security, and domestic violence/criminal justice has far exceeded our expectations. UltraViolet has been a leading voice on a number of high-profile campaigns over the last two years, including getting Rick Ross dropped from Reebok’s sponsorship, and helping Janet Yellen to become the first woman to head up the Federal Reserve.