Film & Media

Our Vision

There is no doubt that media shapes the way we see the world. Film, particularly documentary films, can have significant social and cultural impact. The strategic use of film and media has drawn attention to immigration and food justice. It has led to policy change around sexual assault in the military, fueled the demand for girls’ education, and raised awareness on critical international issues.

Jessie Maple is considered to be the first African American woman to direct a feature-length film.

Jessie Maple is considered to be the first African American woman to direct a feature-length film.

Our Current Focus

The Film and Media Circle is focused on building the capacity within the WDN membership to evaluate high-impact films and media projects that bring visibility to critical social justice issues, using an intersectional lens. This positions our members and WDN as a network to support the diverse voices working to shift culture for a stronger, more reflective progressive infrastructure.

We provide education on topics ranging from the changing landscape of the production and the distribution of films to evaluating the elements of a compelling and effective story. In addition, the Film and Media Circle will serve as a resource to members who wish to fund films or media, either as individual donors or through collaborative efforts.

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Our Story

WDN members have a history of funding film and media projects, usually as individual donors, and sometimes as part of larger WDN initiatives, such as Budrus and The Invisible War. The nature and depth of WDN members’ involvement in film and media projects has varied, from production funding, to outreach and audience engagement efforts.

The Film and Media Circle formed in 2014 as a response to members’ interest and involvement in this field, and the desire to build our capacity as donors in this space. Our specific focus in our initial phase of work is to concentrate on how to evaluate film and media projects as vehicles for social change, using an intersectional lens.

The WDN Film and Media Circle does not accept unsolicited proposals.