Donor Circles

Through WDN’s donor circles, our members have the chance to learn with emerging leaders in their issue area and engage in collective funding to support innovative organizations and strategies for systemic change. Our circles work to advance our goals of participation and representation for all, opportunity for all, and a safe and sustainable future for all.

donor-circle-2CRIMINAL (IN)JUSTICE

The Criminal (In)Justice Circle seeks to identify, strengthen, and invest in a broad network of organizations that are working to fundamentally change the unjust criminal justice system. We bring an intersectional approach with a strong gender and racial justice lens to these issues.


The Earth Circle seeks to address and better understand the interconnectedness of global environmental issues, with a particular focus on the disproportionate impacts on women and indigenous communities and the power they have to effect change. Our members are concerned about climate justice issues ranging from global climate change to our broken food, water, and energy systems, and their toxic effects on all people, and the dire consequences of these policies and systems on the well being of communities.

donor-circle-3FILM & MEDIA

The Film and Media Circle is focused on building the capacity within the WDN membership to evaluate high-impact films and media projects that bring visibility to critical social justice issues. The Circle serves as a resource to members who wish to fund films or media, either as individual donors or through collaborative efforts.


The Immigration Circle focuses on immigration in the U.S. and its disproportionate impact on women and children. The Circle provides education and collective funding opportunities for the WDN community and has supported organizing efforts that amplify the message that immigration is a women’s issue.


The Middle East Peace & Democracy Circle addresses the Israel/Palestine conflict by focusing on the broader region’s complex history, current realities, and transformations. The Circle supports and advocates for a constructive and equitable U.S. policy that promotes stability, peace and security, and economic viability of the region’s emerging democracies. In addition, the circle focuses on strengthening progressive women’s leadership in all aspects of the public discourse, in the U.S. and the Middle East.


The Progressive Political Infrastructure Circle goals are to increase awareness of how the political process impacts and interfaces with our work. The Circle strives to help WDN members make timely, strategic and impactful investments; help them understand where the leverage points are in the political system; and how they can successfully use their voice and power to advocate for progressive issues.


The Reproductive Health Circle’s goals are to reshape the national conversation on reproductive health, as well as broader issues of women’s health and justice, and to use both online and grassroots organizing to expand the reach of these messages. The Circle supports organizing efforts led by those most impacted by a lack of reproductive health access, as well as building the capacity of emerging leaders in the field.


The Values Based Investing Circle is focused on educating and activating WDN members to use our investment portfolios and roles as influencers of investment capital to achieve our aspirations for social change. We also aim to leverage our power as shareholders, trustees, and directors.