We think outside the box. Through collaborative learning and cooperative action, WDN contributes to a more just and fair world.

Working Together To Do More Good

Women Donors Network helps women invest their voices – and much more – in the demand for change. Through collaboration and innovation, we accomplish more together than we ever could separately.

By building powerful connections with each other and our allies, WDN members individually and collectively give away close to $200 million a year to advance the movement for social change.

Through member-led Donor Circles, regional events and trainings, and network-wide strategic initiatives, WDN members can connect with key leaders in the social change movement, deepen their collaborations across issues and sectors, and participate in strategic grantmaking opportunities.

Making a Difference by Doing Things Differently

The way the world operates today is rooted in networks – to stay ahead of the curve you have to be connected. WDN cultivates a generous community of women who inspire each other to become more effective philanthropists and leaders. Our work is organized in three main strategies, which inform our programs each year.

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Investing in Your Voice to Lead: By providing training opportunities in multiple areas of advocacy, WDN creates space for us to make our voices heard. We maximize the impact of our philanthropy by emphasizing leadership skills – from self-awareness to lobbying, to public speaking and beyond.

Organizing for Collective Action: WDN leverages the currency of social change to multiply our impact. Through WDN programs, women donors develop knowledge of the issues, identify gaps in philanthropy, and direct funding in meaningful and targeted ways to create systemic social change.

Strengthening Our Community: WDN is more than a philanthropic support organization. Our unique community offers opportunities to connect with, learn from, and inspire one another. Through community building and programming specific to the needs and interests of our network, we can maximize our impact.

Our Mission and Values

Women Donors Network is a community with a purpose — we provide opportunities for personal transformation and leadership that are directly connected to making change in the world. WDN helps donors become movement-builders, igniting change through a powerful formula that combines committed women donors, opportunities to connect personally, programs that engage and enrich, and nimble strategic grant-making.

As a community, WDN recognizes the systemic nature of many of the challenges we face as a society. As such, we are committed to utilizing an intersectional lens – including race, class, gender and sexual orientation – in all of our work, from the issues we work on to the leaders we highlight to our own organizational policies and practices. We envision a caring and balanced global society that is built upon the principles of democracy, generosity, trust, mutual respect, and the health and wellness of communities and the environment.