• International Women’s Leadership: A Roadmap for Peace

    Wed, 10 Feb 2016

    Women leaders have always been on the front lines of peace and social justice movements, pressing for political representation, economic opportunity and environmental justice. There is no shortage of women capable of leadership, women who can envision and implement new solutions, who can show the benefit to all in changing cultural norms and paradigms that oppress women.  What stands in the way are systemic barriers like historic gender discrimination, perpetuated wars, gender-based violence, media bias, and lack of education among voters.

    According to the World Bank, there is a correlation between higher percentages of women in Parliaments and less corruption, greater cooperation across ethnic lines, and more sustainable peace. Research also shows that in countries where women are empowered as political leaders those countries have higher standards of living, which include better infrastructure, health, water, education, and economic development policies.

    Please join us for a conversation with Tanya Henderson (Mina's List), Pat Cooper (Women’s Regional Network) and Laura Carlsen (CIP Americas Program). They will share their unique perspectives on building women’s substantive representation. We’ll examine the innovative leadership models of their respective organizations and highlight their regional impact.

    Mina’s List is currently focused on building the capabilities of Afghan women for elective political leadership. Since 2011, the Women’s Regional Network has created opportunities for women leaders in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India who are collectively working together to strengthen peace and security in the region. In collaboration with the America’s Program, Nobel Women’s Initiative, and Just Associates (JASS), Laura Carlsen is organizing women leaders in Central America and the United States for strategic dialogues on women and security in the Americas.

    Learn more about the courageous women leaders that are organizing for peace, security, and solidarity. 


  • Philanthropy Story Sharing for Social Change - New Orleans

    Wed, 17 Feb 2016

    Please join WDN’s President and CEO Donna Hall, along with our growing group of Louisiana WDN members, for a conversation about how we can have more impact as progressive women donors by working together in Louisiana and across the country. After our recent successful conference in New Orleans, we have lots of ideas to discuss!


  • The Cost of Sexism: Annual Update from UltraViolet

    Wed, 24 Feb 2016

    With strategic support from WDN members, UltraViolet (UV) is now four years old and an independent 501(c)(3)! UltraViolet is grateful for the early support of WDN members and they are thrilled to share with you highlights from 2015 and their strategy to expand women’s rights for 2016. 

    UltraViolet was founded in 2012 to create a cost for sexism. UV holds individuals, corporations, and institutions accountable for anti-woman policies and practices by creating a real, tangible cost for those who threaten women’s rights, economic security, or physical safety. They don’t just call out bad behavior – they have specific demands for accountability. UV doesn’t just bring awareness to these issues – they use big media moments to leverage support for solutions so that the world is a better place. 

    We invite you to join UltraViolet Co-founders, Nita Chaudhary and Shaunna Thomas, for an update on UV’s strategy to shift the cultural conversations around abortion stigma, linking economic security issues to reproductive health, calling out sexual violence in our culture, and partnering with allies to defend attacks on women’s health and reproductive access. With a growing membership of more than 700,000 members, you’ll learn how UV is achieving real policy victories that benefit all women.

  • Connection & Conversation: A Regional Gathering in Atlanta

    Fri, 26 Feb 2016

    Please join us for lunch and a gathering of Atlanta-area women donors and WDN members. We will catch up and share a little bit about WDN, a powerful network of women donors making change and supporting progressive organizations and initiatives across the country.


  • Building a Reflective Democracy in Georgia: A Regional Strategy Session

    Fri, 26 Feb 2016

    Despite the evolving role of women and changing demographics of our nation and region, our elected leaders remain largely white and male. In Georgia, white men have more than 9 times the political power of other groups, ranking last in the Reflective Democracy Campaign's National Representation Index. Please join us for a dynamic, interactive strategy session about transforming democracy in Georgia and beyond.

    We’ll share groundbreaking research by the Reflective Democracy Campaign, a project of the Women Donors Network, about who is in elected office and on our ballots, who isn’t, and why. We’ll talk about what this means in Atlanta and the southeast, and brainstorm new approaches to breaking down the barriers that keep women and people of color from the halls of power.

    We’ll be joined by Donna Hall, CEO of the Women Donors Network, and Jessica Byrd, a recipient of WDN’s first Reflective Democracy Innovator grants. Jessica was named the January 2015 Woman to Watch by Essence Magazine and one of “12 New Faces of Black Leadership” by Time Magazine.