• Hope in the Heartland: The Politics of Reproductive Access

    Wed, 5 Aug 2015

    Please join us for a conversation with Julie Burkhart, Founder and CEO of Trust Women and South Wind Women's Center in Wichita, Kansas. Julie and team opened South Wind Women's Center after Dr. George Tiller was assassinated by an anti-choice extremist in 2010. We are honored to have Julie provide an update on the clinic that is providing a full-spectrum of reproductive health care that is affordable, inclusive, and critical to the community and region. 

    Kansas is ground zero for some of the most restrictive reproductive rights legislation to date, including the recently blocked ban on 2nd trimester abortions. However, there is light and resistance in the heartland. You don't want to miss this opportunity to learn more about the politics of access in Kansas and surrounding regions, and innovative strategies to fight for reproductive rights, health, and justice.

  • The Tipping Point for the ERA

    Wed, 5 Aug 2015

    Please join us for a webinar to brainstorm ways we can harness the power of online organizing and social media to help build the case that the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) is important and passable. Ultraviolet (UV) is one innovative online organizing organization we would like to discuss. Their base of over 700,000 members represent every Congressional district in the U.S. and affords an interesting opportunity to partner with them on this. 

    Though it has been introduced in both houses of Congress in June (as it has been every year since 1972), passage of the ERA has been a long slog. It has a perception of not being fresh or newsworthy at the moment. This makes it hard to fit the message that passing the ERA is an important gender justice policy into most online organizing models. As UV Co-Founder Shaunna Thomas remarked, “it [the ERA] needs a media narrative for UV to leverage our resources and members in support of it.”

    How can we demonstrate that there is in fact momentum behind empowering women? What women's and gender justice issues can we elevate and show as evidence that Congress needs to add this to their list of priorities? What strategies or narratives would help bolster the importance of the passage of the ERA and its connection to the work we do and support? 

    We’d like to invite all WDN members who have an interest in the passage of the ERA to join our webinar and come up with an action plan to harness the capacity of online resources to help pass the ERA. Help us support history!

  • Is it a Match? Meet Seven Women’s Leadership Organizations Working to Build a Reflective Democracy

    Tue, 18 Aug 2015

    The Reflective Democracy Campaign, a strategic initiative supported by WDN members, seeks to break down the structural barriers women and people of color face in running for office. Building on this work, WDN’s Progressive/Political (PPI) Circle has learned of several organizations that are dedicated to bringing more people of color and women into political leadership by identifying and recruiting candidates, training them to have the resources necessary to run, and helping them run successful campaigns. 

    WDN members are frequently asked to support these organizations, and many of us are donors to one or more of these efforts. But what’s the difference between these various groups? How many people do they reach? What are the outcomes of their trainings and the percentage of successful campaigns?

    Please join us for an innovative webinar that will feature seven prominent organizations that focus on identifying and building the political capacity of women and people of color.

    We’ll hear from Emerge America, Ignite, Progressive Majority, New American Leaders Project, Vote Run Lead, Emily's List, and She Should Run / Women's Campaign Fund.

    This is your opportunity to compare and contrast the work of these different organizations. Think of this an interactive speed dating session. You will learn about the unique differences between these organizations, how they support each other’s work, and how they are building a more diverse pool of qualified candidates to help create a reflective democracy in this country. You won’t want to miss this webinar.

  • WDN Story Sharing: Nina Simons

    Wed, 9 Sep 2015

    Please join us for this story sharing call with Nina Simons, WDN member and President and Co-Founder of Bioneers, Founder of Everywoman's Leadership, and Co-Founder of Cultivating Women's Leadership, programs of Bioneers.

    Story Sharing calls provide opportunities for WDN members to learn more about each other and to connect in a different way than our educational calls. The calls feature members sharing their stories and experiences of becoming ignited as progressive activists and leaders.

    Nina will share how her sense of purpose has evolved over time from a whole-systems perspective on biodiversity, ecological systems and human rights, to prioritizing women's leadership and restoring the feminine in co-creating a different future for our country, species, and planet, to a strong focus on racial justice and beloved community, with a particular emphasis on indigenous women, traditions and community to seed a different worldview and relationship with gender, reproduction and the natural world.

    Prospective members are welcome to attend; please RSVP to Kathleen Andreson at

    More about Nina Simons here.

  • New York Regional Meeting

    Wed, 9 Sep 2015

    Please join us for the Fall NYC Regional Meeting, to be held at the home of Jean Karotkin (RSVP for location details).

    Regional meetings provide opportunities for WDN members to connect and collaborate on their philanthropic and community work, share what they are learning and hear the lessons and advice of other women donors.

    Prospective members are welcome.  Please RSVP to Kathleen Andreson at

    More details about the program for this meeting will be coming soon.