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Melanie Davidson

Melanie is a veteran marketer and President of the Denver-based digital marketing agency, Fruition. Her philanthropic life began as a child, when in 6th grade, she remembers being told by her teacher about a family she had taken in during the holidays. They were in financial ruin and homeless. Melanie took action immediately and organized her class to donate gifts and clothes for the children. Although her motivations were that of a child in thinking no kid should go without on Christmas morning, it was an awakening moment for her. Today, Melanie is focused on supporting organizations that are dedicated to poverty alleviation, food stability and economic security through the empowerment of women. She and her husband Jim are equally passionate in their belief that they have a moral obligation to give back and do good. They have two young children who keep them laughing and on their toes. Melanie is an avid traveler, snowboarder, runner, yogi, and soccer player.