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Lenore M. Hanisch

Because her triple roles as Quixote Foundation co-executive director, board member and family member don’t quite make Lenore Hanisch’s life complicated enough, she also is a Women Donors Network member, frequent public speaker, and strategic activist within the field of philanthropy.  Lenore is concerned about corporations that wield excess power in politics, and about politicians who would happily abandon government’s responsibilities while pretending that private philanthropy can fill the resulting gaps.  She sees WDN as an important part of a national progressive movement helping to fight these trends.  Quixote Foundation wants to see free people in fair societies on a healthy planet, and is putting all of its resources into this mission in the short term, spending the entire endowment between now and 2017.  Perhaps in 2018, Lenore will finally get the puppy she so dearly wants to adopt.