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Karen Grove

Karen Grove is a volunteer, advocate, philanthropist, and connector. Karen is driven by a desire that all people be heard, supported, and able to pursue their potential. She is an active co-chair of the Grove Foundation, which focuses on women’s reproductive health access, career training, safety net services, and immigrant rights. Karen is currently board chair for Planned Parenthood Mar Monte, and also serves on the Mar Monte and California statewide Planned Parenthood political organization boards and various committees. Karen enjoys helping others act on their values through her community leadership. She has led parent engagement efforts at her son’s diverse public high school where she successfully engaged Latino immigrant parents in volunteer and community activities at the school; she has led an environmental impact campaign at her children’s K-8 schools, and has engaged her community in reproductive health advocacy and in increasing progressive women’s political participation at all levels. Karen’s education and first career was in mechanical engineering. Karen is married and the mother of four increasingly independent children, ages 14-21. She enjoys participating in her book club, going to plays and movies, hiking with her dog, and traveling with her family