Lenore Hanisch


Member since 2007

I am a part of WDN because I want to help make a more just and fair world, with a group of smart, savvy progressive women philanthropists.

Women Donors Network - Member since 2007

WDN is a community of progressive women who multiply their energy, their strategic savvy, and their philanthropic dollars to build a more just and fair world.
Joanne Goldblum


Member since 2012

Through WDN I meet women with shared progressive values – they care about the world around them and want to use their resources to support change.

Margery Goldman


Member since 2004

As a member of WDN, I don’t have to tackle every important issue in the world. Others are doing their work, so I can focus on what is most motivating to me.

Helen Gemmill


Member since 2005

WDN is made up of powerful women who are committed to effecting real, lasting, fundamental change.