Jessica Berker


Member since 2011

When I meet the women of WDN and describe my life story, they nod in understanding. It feels good to know that so many other people share my values.

Women Donors Network - Member since 2007

WDN is a community of progressive women who multiply their energy, their strategic savvy, and their philanthropic dollars to build a more just and fair world.
Sara Sanderson


Member since 1999

I trust the people in the WDN community. Superficial things don’t matter. It’s all about women and connecting from the heart.

Mary Willis


Member since 1999

WDN represents the simple idea that women uniting in community create power. With all its injustices, the world needs that kind of power more than ever.

Karen Grove


Member since 2013

At WDN, I found a high trust community of women committed to and immersed in philanthropy, advocacy, and service.